Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finished News Story

The HikiNo project that I did with my team for G.T. is about one of my teammates, Kaylynn Drake, and her family tradition of fireknife dancing.  Kaylynn is actually the first female on Kaua'i to fireknife dance going against Samoan tradition.  My team and I thought that Kaylynn and her family tradition was great to make a story out of. My teammates were Kaylynn Drake, Haley Gokan, and Sydney Nice. We got inverviews of Kaylynn Drake, Emmsley-James Drake (her older brother), and Michael-Alan Drake (her other older brother). We also got a really cool picture of Kaylynn and her brothers that were taken by Dennis Fujimoto. The team also took the time to go to two of Kaylynn's live shows and took some really cool videos and shots.

I think the final turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I definitely didn't think it would get the most votes. My team and I are proud of what we have made. It was a great experience to watch the final on HikiNo. This was my first time doing this and in the end I was part of the team who made the video that go to be on TV. Overall, my team and I worked very hard and that hard work paid off. I am proud and happy of my team most of all.

When my teams news story was critqued by our classmates, I was pretty suprised at the results. For my teams and I news story 31% of the class gave us a three and 69% of the class gave us a four. But in the end of the of the results ,  38% of the class voted for my teams news story; which got the most votes. So my teams news story ended up on being HikiNo!

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