Thursday, October 2, 2014

Real World Report

The story that interested me the most is called "Surfer Attack 'More Likely' By White Shark". This article is about a 23 year-old surfer, Sean Pollard, and he has lost his arm and his other hand at Western Australia south coast at Wylie Bay on Thursday morning, October 3, 2014. Pollard was sent to Royal Perth hospital for an emergency surgery. Authorities say that he was bitten by a great white shark. Prayers and thoughts are said for Pollard from his friends and family.

This is a picture of a Great White Shark. 
Showing it's features can tell what kind of 
damage this shark can do. 
My opinion about this story is that I think that if it was a great white shark who bit Pollard, I think he was lucky enough to only have lost an arm and hand. Great white sharks are killing machines with just by biting one time. Especially since great white sharks don't like humans swimming in their domain. I'm glad that Pollard was not injured that severely and that he came out of the water still alive. My prayers and thoughts go out for Pollard and his family.

I think people should care about this story because lots and lots of people are in the water. Sharks are mostly everywhere in the ocean, so there's a high chance of anyone getting injured or might lose their life. It can be any type of shark, depending where you are. So this story is like a warning for anyone who swims, surfs, and etc. to watch out for what may come for you in the water, anything can happen. But I ask for you to watch out for what may hit you in your life at anytime, life is full of surprises.

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