Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

P1T8 Young and Brokenhearted from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

The latest project that Mr.Sanderl that assigned the G.T. class was to make a movie trailer that was appropriate enough for elementary students. My teammates were Miles Frazier, Lilio masi, and Ehu Keala. Mostly everyone in that G.T. class wrote stories for a project for their English class. So somebody's story from each team would have to be made into a movie trailer. My team and I decided to do a movie trailer on Lilio's story, Young and Brokenhearted. The main characters were Ziggy Twisty played by Miles Frazier and Malia Hessenheffer played by ... me! Before we started filming, we made a trailer plan. So that we mainly plan everything that would be put in the movie trailer and not get stuck on what to do next. I contributed into this project by playing a roll as Malia Hessenheffer and I helped out on the trailer plan.

The requirements for this project were to be 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, have foley, have dialogue, have a voice acting script, have text layovers, have effects, have 5 scenes, have a movie poster created and finished, and a finished trailer plan. My team and I did not complete all of the requirements because we didn't really use our time wisely. Our trailer was about 10 seconds less than the minimum requirement and on some of the scenes we didn't have foley or background music for. Those were the only requirements we did not fully finish. If my team and I could go back in time, we would've finished our trailer plan as soon as possible and worked on our movie trailer the next day.

The class critiqued my teams and I movie trailer in 3 categories, audience, creativity, and requirements. The grading was room for improvement, satisfactory, and above & beyond. I actually agree on how the class graded us on audience because it would actually relate to most of the elementary students in most ways. I agree on most of the grades that the class gave us on creativity because I think the story we chose to make a movie trailer on is quite creative. For requirements, I agree on how the class graded us because we did not fully complete all the requirements, but we did most of them. After finishing the project, I've learned that it is to never take time for granted. I've also learned to stay focus and stay on task or else the project will fall apart. Overall the making of this project was an amazing eperience and I would love to do it again!


  1. Leslie!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Great work!

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