Thursday, December 18, 2014

Movie Poster Promo

The next project that was assigned for the G.T. class was to create a movie trailer and move poster for elementary students to see. The title for the movie that my team and I agreed on was "Young and Broken Hearted". The main character in the movie is Miles Frazier playing as Ziggy Twisty. Ziggy is a freshman and he is experiencing his first year in high school. He gets bullied and teased, the first day of high school was nothing what he thought it would be like. In my movie poster Ziggy is depressed due to what he has been going through his first week of high school.

The title of my movie poster, "Young and Broken Hearted", practically tells you what the movie is about. Ziggy is a young freshman and goes through a very tough first year of high school. But then he meets a very special someone, but it all takes a turn on him. Now he is broken hearted. So that is mainly why my team and I chose to title our movie that we are making "Young and Broken Hearted". In my movie poster I used a lot of effect and one of the most important one is kerning. Kerning is the process of adjusting the space between letters. Kerning is very useful when editing your title for a movie poster because it makes your title more appealing and makes your title stand out.

After I put all of the different layer effect and filters onto my movie poster, it was a huge transformation from the original image. I thought that the effects made the main character stood out a lot more. The effects on the title and information stood out as well. Every effect that was added related to what the movie was actually about. To me it seemed like an actual movie poster you would see at the movie theaters!


  1. Love your movie poster! It made a little sad! Making me tear up!

  2. Your movie poster is awesome! The blurred out background really adds to it.