Monday, March 23, 2015

Typography Images

Nikola Tesla
The next project that the G.T. class is working on are typography images. The project is mainly just a typography portrait of certain people.  Typography is the technique of placing and using meaningful words to make art. A portrait is an image of a person or a group that shows expression, mood, and their personality in some way. If you put a portrait and typography together, you get a portrait that is created with meaningful words. The technique of typography can make a lasting impact with images to viewers by making the image with words that tell very interesting things about the person. You can also add effects to make your image look more eye catching.

Ms. Lardizabal
During the making of this project, I went through some challenges. When I was placing the words  for the typography image of Nikola Tesla, his face was unrecognizable. So I used kerning to make the spacing between the words smaller. I did notice that the less space there is, the more recognizable the person would be. For the typography portrait of my Ms. Lardizabal, it was hard to see her facial features. So I mostly used a light brush for her eyes, nose and mouth to stand out more. I think by using those helping techniques, both images came out great!

For this project, I made three typography portraits. I made one of Nikola Tesla, Ms. Lardizabal, and myself. My first typograhy image that I made was of an innovator, Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor. This typography portrait is different from the others that i've made because I used different words that describes who he is and what he has done. Plus not only is his face filled with words, the background as well. My second typography image is Ms. Lardizabal, a Kapaa Middle School teacher who has been a teacher at that school ever since the beginning. I used words that describes who she is as a person and what she does at the school. I also used a gradient effect on this image to make it look more appealing. The last typography image is myself. This one was made very differently than the other two images. I used posterizing, gradient, and other tools in order to make this typography image. My favorite out of the three typography images would have to be the one of the one I made of myself. I just love the gradient effect that I put and how there are a variety of colors. This project was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again!

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