Monday, April 27, 2015

Animation Outakes

The next project that we are working in G.T. is animation. The class I separated into eight teams. Each team would have to work together and create a short animation film, which will be submitted to a film festival. My teammates are Wailana Makepa and Mikela Griffen. Wailana Makep likes to hang out with friends and has experienced getting gum stuck onto her hair ;). Mikela Griffim likes to play soccer and enjoys making art. Wailana and Mikela are both wonderful and hard-working teammates and I'm very glad that we are a team. 

The technique that each team will be using in order to create this animation film is stop-motion. Stop-motion is the technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started. So you basically just take multiple pictures when every movement is changed.  A .GIF is an image file that consist of multiple images that are compressed together to reduce transfer time - pretty much a very short animation video. 

Each team's short animation film would have to be about a real life scenario that a teammate has overcomed. My team and I decided that we would make our animation film about Wailana and the story on how she got gum stuck onto her hair. What happened was Wailana's friend accidentally spit out gum onto her hair. Then the gum got stuck onto Wailana's hair. So she used peanut butter to take it out. But my team and I actually wanted to change the story a bit to make it more amusing to viewers. So we decided to make the gum, the Gum Monster. And the peanut butter as Skippy, the hero. You can see where this is going. Mikela is the main animator, Wailana is the voice of Skippy, and I'm the voice of the gum monster. I think you should care about our team's short film because if you ever get gum into your hair, peanut butter will surely help. Plus if you're ever in a bad mood, this short animation film will definitely put a smile on your face.

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